Why visit Malaysia?

Why visit Malaysia?


Tribes, Crocodiles & Dolphins? Scenery? Food? The Incredible cultural and religious variety?

It is all of the above….and more. Why visit Malaysia? Here at Emperor Tours we will tell you why.


Kuala Lumpur is known as a first-class city, the areas surrounding are still traditional, creating a vast contrast of the old and the new. This is also heavily reflected in the landscape itself. Malaysia is part of some of the oldest tropical jungles in the world. If you take that into account, along with the vast cultural diversity, Malaysia is something to truly marvel at. You will see so many Asian ethnicities beautifully celebrating one another, their heritage and their blended futures. All living in absolute harmony, in this incredibly unique and sumptuous country. The vast and varied religions and multi-cultural heritage brings a huge influence of the architectural landscapes and temples.

The language of Malaysians is fascinating, as the majority of the local people use all of the languages they know as the speak, jumping in one sentence between their mother tongue, English, and Malay terminology. If you listen closely… You may even hear other languages which have worked their way into their vast vocabulary.

In the ancient times Malaysia was a the designated stop on the world’s trade spice path and as a direct result, the food bring the worlds flavours, and your taste buds alive! From a traditional Indian breakfast to a Korean dinner…Malaysia brings your tastebuds to life! (warning, mouths have been known to mourn the loss of favour upon arriving home 😉 )

While Kuala Lumpur has been hailed as a first-class city, its surrounding areas are still pretty traditional, creating a mixed landscape of old and new. Its newer and more prominent buildings still derive their design from traditional Malay architecture, thus creating monuments with eclectic flair. Much of the Malaysian landscape is similar and still transitioning from antique to modern.

Malaysia is right on the equator meaning that the tropical climate and the matching humidity, jumps from high heat to sudden down pours. The variation can put off some people, but in our opinion and many others this adds to the charm, it can be beach lounging weather AND jungle exploring climates on the same day!

NOW for the animals. Malaysia has THE animals you normally see on documentaries… Why not become David Attenborough for the day and see up close:

  • The tapir a large, herbivorous mammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile nose trunk
  • The binturong which has a face like a cat and a body like a bear, long shaggy black hair, stiff white whiskers, and a prehensile tail that’s as long as its body. Binturongs are also called bearcats (which is misleading as it is in no way related to bears!)
  • The pangolin Pangolins! solitary, primarily nocturnal animals, with a full armour of scales. A startled pangolin will cover its head with its front legs, exposing its scales to any potential predator. Then if touched it will roll up completely into a ball, while the sharp scales on the tail can be used to lash out.

These incredible creatures can all be seen in the National Zoo

These are just a few of the many reasons that Malaysia should be on your bucket list…Emperor Tours have some incredible guided and safe tours which will take you to all see all the sights and scenes mentioned above, plus so much more! Why wait? Call us and book your tour of a lifetime today!!!


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