Why India? – For the Adventurous Man

Why India? – For the Adventurous Man

Why India? Good question… India is a vast land of glorious colour, spectacular sights and some of the most amazing culture you will ever experience. Often, because of its huge diversity and far unknown corners, luxury travel seekers are wary of India.

This blog is a carefully selected set of questions about traveling to India compiled by the staff at Emperor Tours and asked to a couple of seasoned India Adventurist! More specifically, they are my parents… They are 60 and 64 and they have been travelling to India every year for about 8 years… They literally cannot get enough!!!

Shortly after Christmas every year I will hear my father utter the words “India is calling” and I know this marks the start of their next grand adventure…

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Many of our more mature travel lovers are concerned about safety and security when travelling to India and I have to say the first time I waved my parents off at the airport on their first Indian Adventure I was scared, scared about what the hotels would be like, would they have the comforts they deserve? Will they be safe? Will the staff look after them? Will they like the food?? I needn’t have worried. They came home after a month travelling from…. to ….. and they had the time of their lives!!! They had seen sights that touches their very souls, they had eaten food that tasted like it came from heaven, they had relaxed on beaches that you could only imagine in your most beautiful of dreams… That was it… they were India junkies!!!!

Below is the accumulation of my fathers reasons for loving India, why he went, why he goes back repeatedly, what it means to him, what he brought home with him and much much more… My mothers account is also available in a separate blog, I think their experiences differed hugely because of their perspective and I want to portray this with this blog/ blogs.

We have lots of FAQ on the Emperor Tours Website about travelling to all of Asia, including Visa and travel document information

Why did you decide to explore India rather than other countries which may be considered more “tourist friendly”?

Because India still maintains its spirituality and its essence although this is changing.  I did not want ‘tourist friendly’, but I wanted people friendly. Its culture is beckoning.

Before you went to India what did you need to consider in terms of paperwork and visas etc?

You must get a Tourist Visa for either a month or 6 months and you must enquire at your nearest doctors or travel clinic to see what  vaccinations are needed for different parts you have in mind to visit. Make sure you have at least 6 months left on your passport.

When you arrived in India what was your first impression?

It was extraordinary and brilliant. An assault on all the senses. We live in tidy little boxes and demarcation of ownership; they most certainly do not.

Did you find the language barrier to be an issue when travelling in India?

No, many spoke English or we used sign language and non verbal communication in rural areas.  It was not a problem. We did have a translator in some places..

What resources did you use whilst travelling in India? Did you take modern technology with you?

  I took my ipod for music and laptop for emailing home.

How much money did you take for a long stay? For a luxury level holiday how much should I tip and how much do things cost?

I took about £1200 cash and could get more out of main banks if I needed too.  My wife likes to shop so I knew we would need spends!! There was about 100 rupees to the pound . 

Tipping is fairly widespread in India and a little “baksheesh” is usually expected for services. The custom generally is that if you want something you tip; if you don’t tip, you still get it, it just takes longer! In most restaurants it is about 10%, while porters may expect 50 rupees. Emperor Tours suggest US$ 5 to 10 per Guide assignment and driver(s).

Where did you go and what did you see? What would you recommend?

We have been several times and saw different areas and things.  The first time we went to Bengal and saw Calcutta, the city and the surrounding area including Sri Rama Krishna’s Kali temple. The buddhist Temples were a massive part of my draw towards India. We saw a host of old buildings, pyramids and Indian culture.

Kerala is also known as Gods Own Country – To find out more visit >> https://emperor-tours.com/destinations/india/beach-holidays/kerala-gods-own-country/

Is India a safe place to travel and explore?

Yes it is. The people are smiley and friendly and that makes Westerners suspicious, but nearly all the time it is just their beautiful way of being kind, inquisitive and loving.

If you could summarise India in a sentence, what would you say?

A land with soul, culture, laughter and an understanding of what it is to be human.

What does India embody to you?

The best part of who I am in my heart is alongside India.

Why would you recommend travelling to India?

Yes, at least once. Then you will want to go back again and again.

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