Where in Indochina should you visit?

When asked about China and Indochina, we all know what and where China is, that big country south of Russia and east of, well, the Middle East. But what and where is Indochina? It’s a term unfamiliar to a lot of people. Indochina, also known as the Indochinese Peninsula, is a region located in South East Asia, roughly southwest of China and east of India. The name has its origins in the French Indochina as a combination of India and China, although the majority of people in the region are neither Chinese nor Indian. The countries that make up historical French Indochina include Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, but Indochina can also include Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia. So, if you’re planning a China or Indochina tour, there are plenty of countries to choose from.

The countries of Indochina have each received cultural influence from either India or China, to varying degrees. If you’re planning a China tour, or are more interested in Chinese culture, you’d be better off visiting Vietnam as this is more heavily Chinese-influenced. If an Indochina tour is more your thing, a trip to Cambodia or Thailand, with a more Indian-influence might be of more interest.

China itself is the third most visited country in the world and the number of overseas visitors numbered almost 56 million in 2010. A China tour is no longer the preserve of those strange hippy types who prefer off-the-beaten track destinations and return, usually after some considerable number of months, wearing strange footwear and their hair in braids, but are easily bookable online as either group or tailor-made tours with experienced tour operators such as Emperor Tours.

Whilst China is itself, of course, a vast and fascinating country with a rich history, an Indochina tour offers an opportunity to visit far more than just the one country. There is Cambodia, a country with a timeless landscape of rice paddies and swaying palms that has much more to offer than just those temples that Lara Croft swung through. Laos is a land of wild natural beauty and unique architecture that is so far mostly unspoiled and not too touristy. Vietnam has a diverse natural environment, with long coastlines, forests, and mountainous regions, along with a rich and eventful history, and retains an innocence that other tourist destinations lack. If you’re exhausted after seeing all that on your Indochina tour, you could retreat to a beach resort in Thailand, an exotic but safe location to relax, spoil yourself and lay on the beach beside warm turquoise waters. Finally, if you still have any energy left for sightseeing, there is still Myanmar (Burma), Singapore or Malaysia to explore.

There are many different destinations in the Far East to choose from, each with its own unique and distinctive identity, but all have one thing in common and that is the warm, friendly people. You will experience a heart-warming hospitality that is the signature of the Far East and that, combined with breathtaking scenery, timeless traditions, inspiring landmarks and tantalising cuisine, will ensure that your visit is one you will never forget.

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