When’s the best time for a Thailand Holiday?

Known throughout the world for its welcoming people, spicy cuisine and outstanding beaches, Thailand offers everything you need in a holiday. However, depending on the area you intend to visit, you do need to think about what the weather will be like at the time of year you intend to travel, so you don’t end up spending your beautiful Thailand holiday sitting on a beach in a monsoon.

The climate is typically tropical, consisting of a wet season and a dry season. The southern regions of the country have more of a monsoon climate, however, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find some sun on a beach somewhere. The area of Thailand north of Bangkok has a climate determined by three seasons while the southern peninsular region of Thailand only really has two.

In northern Thailand, the seasons are clearly defined. Between November and May the weather is mostly dry, the rest of the year it is dominated by the south west monsoon, during which the rainfall is at its heaviest. The southern region really only has two seasons, wet and dry. Confusingly, these seasons are not in synch with each other on the east and west side of the peninsular. On the west coast, heavy rains are likely from April through to October, whilst on the each coast the storms can be expected from September to December. All very confusing if you’re trying to arrange your Thailand holidays!

Generally speaking, the best time to embark on Thailand tours is between November and February, because it rains the least and isn’t too hot, the northeast monsoon is blowing cool, dry air that serves as a respite from the heat. The north of Thailand is likely to be cool and dry, with a top temperature likely to be around 32 degrees Celsius. Nights can be chilly and, at high altitudes, temperatures can drop below freezing! The hot and dry season is from March to June and, at this time of year; temperatures in Bangkok can reach over 40 degrees with humidity levels of around 75%. Most of Thailand’s annual rainfall occurs in the monsoon season between July and October and flooding can ravage the country with humidity levels hovering around 90%, so not an ideal time to head off on a Thailand tour.

So when is the best time for Thailand holidays? Well it really does depend on what you’re hoping for from your visit. Some people just want sunshine and beaches, have little concern about cost, and are happy to travel in the high season. Others might prefer to avoid the high season, the crowds and the expense and travel during the “rainy” season. There really is no simple answer to the question. Overall, unless money really is no object, November and December are probably your best bet. It is the start of the high season, most of the rains should have cleared away and the humidity levels are coming down. There will be lovely sunny days and calm, clear days. Tourist numbers are starting to rise but have not yet reached the crowds you will encounter from January to March. Just about perfect for your Thailand tour!

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