When is the best time to take your holiday in China?

China has recently become the ‘go-to’ travel destination for seasoned travellers and holiday makers looking for culture, adventure and breath-taking scenery. And if you’re planning a China holiday, the first thing to consider is when to visit.

Well, the good news is that because China is such a vast country, the weather conditions alter dramatically between location and seasons. So from the tropical south to the stunning ice expanse of the north, China really can offer something for everyone, leaving you free to choose a time based on the places you wish to visit and the type of climate you wish to enjoy whilst on your holidays in China.

The best times for holidays in China in terms of weather for most people are spring and autumn (March to May and September to November) when temperatures are generally mild, humidity is low and the rainy season between July and September can be avoided. Winters can be very cold, especially north of Beijing, where temperatures can drop below

-40°C and summer in central China can be very hot and humid in July and August, especially Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and Nanchang (known as the furnace cities). Southern China, and cities such as Hong Kong enjoy a more tropical climate, although typhoons are not uncommon. However, these extremes in weather can also make for some very memorable holidays in China, such as the Harbin Winter Ice Festival or tropical beach resorts in the south.

The other factor to consider when choosing when to take your China holidays are the timings of the official National China holidays. The dates of these alter slightly each year, but include Chinese New Year at the beginning of February, May Day on May 1st, The Dragon Boat Festival in June and the Golden Week of National Day in early October. Holidays in China during these festivities can be exciting and offer a true insight into Chinese culture and traditions, but as Chinese people are also on holiday, travel can be expensive and popular destinations can become very crowded. Travel around these times can be very rewarding with some careful planning (public transport runs as usual) and museums, tourist sites, shops, bars and restaurants are all usually open as normal.

Travelling outside of the National China holidays or usual high seasons of January to February and June to September can also bring many advantages. Hotels, travel and entrance tickets will be significantly cheaper and the famous sites, such as The Great Wall or Forbidden City, will be much quieter. The weather can also be very pleasant, especially if you are planning on doing a lot of walking.

So whenever you decide to travel, your holidays in China promise to be truly memorable experience. Because there is just so much on offer, speaking to a specialist tour provider or China holidays expert can really help you to make the most of your time in this diverse, beautiful and rapidly changing country.

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