What to expect from your China holidays in June

June is a great time to visit China. Whether you are planning to embark on organised trips to China or a more independent visit, it’s a wonderful time to see all the cultural highlights and natural beauty that this dynamic and diverse country has to offer.

In June, the schools haven’t yet broken up for their summer holidays and there are no large Chinese national holidays, so you will avoid the large crowds that sometimes gather in August around popular tourist sites and internal travel will be much cheaper and easier to book. The weather is also warm across the entire country as summer has really started in earnest, so you can pack light. And in the north, around Beijing and Harbin, the weather is dry and evenings are wonderfully warm. These areas can be very cold in the winter, so taking your China holidays in June offers a great opportunity for seeing the sites around Beijing, such as the Temple of Heaven, Olympic village, Forbidden city and the Summer Palace in glorious sunshine.

The weather in June

If you are taking your china holidays in June, there is one thing to remember, and that’s humidity. China can be very humid in the summer, especially in the tropical south and the humidity does start to build throughout June. It’s still much cooler and less humid than in July and August, but it is worth remembering when booking what to do on your organised trips to China, and when packing to keep your clothing lightweight and comfortable. However, air conditioning is extremely common on public transport and across towns and cities, so you’ll be cool and comfortable on your journey.

Temperatures in June usually range from 25-32C depending on where you visit, although will be cooler at higher altitudes. June can also be a rainy month, especially in the south, so taking some light rain gear is also recommended.

What to see

Although there are no large public China holidays in June, there are still many local festivities which can be enjoyed and included in bespoke organised trips to China with a tour specialist. For example, Shanghai plays host to glittering International TV and Film festivals, there are many famous Dragon Boat races and fantastic one off events such as the Zhengzhou Kung Fu Festival, Beijing Watermelon Festival and Wangcongci Singing Contest in Chengdu.

Taking your China holidays in June also provides a great opportunity for excursions and organised trips to China’s neighbours, such as Tibet, where the climate is favourable in June for trekking and visiting the higher mountains, too cold to visit in the winter.

Unsure where to start on your visit to this incredible country? Organised trips to China are recommended as an expert can help you work out a bespoke itinerary to make the most of the time of year you visit. But China holidays in June can be truly rewarding and unforgettable, so get packing for the trip of a lifetime.

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