The guide to the top 5 destinations in China

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Old-fashioned and yet still pioneering, very urban yet certainly dazzling, China is a nation of rich legacy and dissimilar sights, enough to pique the interest of even the most discriminating explorer. Here is our brief guide to the top 5 destinations China has to offer. If you like the sound of them, then make sure they are included on your China Tour.


The vibrant capital and imperial treasure trove, Beijing is the home of a wonderful mass of gorgeous vistas, from the extraordinary Forbidden City to the calm harmony of the Temple of Heaven. The metropolis also offers stress-free admission to the glorious Great Wall of China.


To say that’s is a vision to behold is really an understatement. Shanghai is China’s always changing mega metropolis. Appreciate the ultra-modern design but also notice the colonial and historic gems that give this city its extensive combination. Flee the city to discover the delightful greens of Suzhou and Hangzhou.


Chengdu is the tranquil and cheery capital of Sichuan province. Chengdu is best recognised for being home to everyone’s much-loved bear – the Giant Panda and it’s also the entryway to the almighty Nine Villages Valley.


Rested in a landscape of knotted karst patterns, Guilin is the departure point for cruises on the Li River. Sashay through a fascinating landscape of ethereal peaks to access the charming Yangshuo, a village stranded in a bright green sea of paddy fields and sprinkled with vivid peaks.


The Yangtze River is an influential power in China’s past, culture and economy. A trip on its vast waters brings together an excess of sights you won’t want to miss, counting the enormous Three Gorges Dam and the intense Three Gorges themselves.

If you are seeking options to tour around China this year, and have the best experience of your life, then selecting one of our China tours destinations will let you to feel the abundance of the times gone by and the culture of this captivating country. Separated remotely from the rest of the world for extended times, China now possesses the fastest growing economy and is turning one of the most prevalent tour destinations on the planet. With things shifting at such a rate, postponing your choice to go on a China tour by just a few years could mean foregoing some of the old-fashioned and captivating culture China has to offer.

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