Planning your Holidays to China

Many people love the idea of Holidays to China, but they are intimidated by the magnitude of the country. Where should they go and what should they see? How will they get around? If you are like most people, a guided tour is one of the best things you can arrange so that you will have a great time and see as much as you can of this historic place.

Holidays to China are best when you join a tour of other people who also want to see the same things. A package is a great idea because it will include all of the “must see” places in the country and you will have a tour guide so that you do not need to be concerned about any awkwardness or language barriers. You want to find a tour company that can help you to arrange your holiday in a manner that suits you.

A good tour company will ensure that all of your travel is pre-arranged including flights, boat, and train and that you have a hotel where you arrive. They will also ensure that you have all of the necessary meals you need arranged in advance and that your excursions will be arranged ahead of time. Arranging holidays to China by designing them yourself and personalising your holiday is easy with the right tour company.

Here are few of the “must see” places that should be on your list:

The Hidden Villages

Visit traditional China including incredible scenery and friendly local residents. Discover the regions of China that remain untouched by the world’s modern economy and are rarely visited by tour companies. The tour begins by visiting the Forbidden City which was once the location the imperial palaces. Twenty-Four emperors lived there from the 15th century. The tour moves on to the Summer Palace which contains a large imperial garden, one of the biggest in China. Both emperors and empresses of Qing stayed there from May to October each year to get away from pollution of the main city.

Beijing – Travel to the location of one of the wonders of the world – Great Wall of China and see this incredible structure up close. It stretches over 4,500 miles and can be seen from space. More than 1 million Chinese died during its construction.

Xian – Visit an incredible find – terracotta warriors along with their horses that were constructed more than 2,000 years before. They were meant to protect the tomb of Emperior Qinshihuang. This incredible display features more than 7,000 life-sized figures that have been excavated since 1974, one of the most incredible archaeological discoveries made in the 20th century.

Guizhou – Visit City walls constructed in the time of the Tang Dynasty, one of the still intact walls and among the largest singular defensive systems found around the world.

Anshun – visit Tianlong Village where women still dress in traditional costumes from the Ming Dynasty and see a Ground Opera with symbolic masks.

Planning holidays to China is simple when you have an excellent tour company. It is best to plan your holiday in advance to create the best bespoke experience and get the most out of your trip. There are dozens of destinations that you should see, and the list shown here is just a few items of interest.

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