Festival Season has Started: Discover the real Indochina

With the Far East fast becoming a popular destination for travellers, seeking a unique and diverse experience, the number of people booking Indochina holidays is rapidly on the increase. Indochina holidays are also incredibly popular due to the fact that the majority of countries can be enjoyed all year round.

When booking your holiday, the first decision you need to make is which country you would like to visit. Indochina itself comprises of Burma, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam so there are plenty of places to choose from. Alternatively, why not consider one of the many Indochina tours that are on offer? These will enable you to visit several different countries during your trip.

All of the countries have their own appeal, so it will likely be down to personal choice. However for those travellers looking for a truly authentic experience, it is worth looking at what festivals are on. Some travel companies offer bespoke Indochina tours and you may be able to request that one of these be included in your itinerary.

Some festivals are nationwide so regardless of which country you are staying in there will be a celebration being held. The 13th May for example marks the sixth full moon in the lunar calendar, marking the birth date of the Buddha. Ceremonies are held to commemorate not only the greatness of the Lord Buddha, but also his teachings. In Burma for example, they perform a tree watering ceremony. Activities involve carrying scented water pots, chanting Pali scripts and pouring water at the bottom of the Bo Tree. Laos on the other hand, celebrate by holding candlelight processions in their temples.

If Laos does happen to be one of your chosen destinations, then a visit to the Vientiane Province to take in the Rocket Festival is an absolute must. Here you will find local people, gathering on the fields of the outskirts of both the villages and the towns, letting off home-made firework rockets.

The festival itself is a call for both rain and a celebration of fertility. The rockets are fired into the air, to ask the god of rain to help nature a good harvest free from drought, floods and pests.

Competition is fierce with communities competing for not only the best decorated rocket, but also the one that travels the highest. Men dress up as women and perform vaudeville acts using wooden phalli in a bid to anger the gods. The gods in return are expected to send thunderstorms.

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