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Will I get my money back if the tour is cancelled due to COVID-19?

Book with confidence! If the tour is cancelled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, we will offer free change of dates, or a full refund.

What financial protection do I have?

Emperor Tours Limited is a member of ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s License), which is operated by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority. They regularly carry out financial checks on us and will provide a refund should we fail financially. As all our flights, accommodation and tours are paid for in advance, if you are already on holiday, then you will not be affected.

You can also gain additional protection by paying an amount on your credit card. You will need to check with your credit card provider as to how much is the minimal amount.

I am disabled, can I still travel to the Far East?

Emperor Tours has dealt with many disabled passengers to the Far East. Whilst some activities may not be possible, we will always make sure you will experience as much of the itinerary as possible.

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes – by informing us in advance of what vegetarian foods you like/dislike, we can ensure you still get a good variety of food whilst on holiday.

How do I obtain visa's?

At Emperor Tours we will provide information required to obtain a visa if you are applying on your own, or we will provide all the necessary documentation and instructions if applying for your visa through us (such as Chinese visa etc.). We have never had a visa refused due to our knowledge and expertise. 

What vaccinations do I need and are they compulsory?

As with travelling abroad to most countries, you should seek advice from your GP regarding the relevant vaccinations you should take. The type of vaccination will also depend on where you are going. The most common are Hepatitus ‘A’, Yellow Fever and Cholera.

These are not compulsory requirements and you will not be asked to provide documentation.

Do I need sunscreen?

As with anywhere in the world, it is best to protect yourself against the sun. Even in Spring and Autumn the sun can be quite strong, so it is best to carry sunscreen throughout your journey.

What are the international flight times?

The majority of flights to the Far East leave London mid afternoon to early evening. If departing from local airports this can sometimes be early or mid morning. Returning flights will vary depending on your final destination. The majority will be overnight, arriving in London early morning.

What airlines do you use?

We use many different airlines. For China and Japan we mainly use British Airways and Virgin Atlantic for direct flights, others for indirect. For Indochina we use Thai Airways, Korean Air, Eva Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and many more. The choice of airline will depend on route and availability.
Internal flights are with local carriers, such as Air China, China Southern, Vietnam Airlines and Bangkok Airways etc. We strive to give you the best available flights at the best price.


What is the luggage allowance?

Different international airlines vary from anywhere between 20kg to 30kg per person. Most internal airlines however will only allow up to 20kg per passenger.

What about large or heavy gifts?

If you wish to purchase an item which will be too much for your luggage, it is very safe to have this item delivered to your home. Our guides will help organise this between you and the trader. Flying goods home may seem more expensive, but it is very fast and there are few additional costs. Shipping is cheaper but slower, and there can also be high additional charges once the item arrives in the UK, making it more expensive than flying.

Do group tours involve shopping?

Whilst it is a government requirement for guided tourists to be taken to shops, Emperor Tours have their own staffs working in China who are independent. This means we have more control of the guides, and have therefore instructed them to restrict the number of shops visited, although it cannot be avoided totally.

What money should I take and are there ATM's available?

It is not necessary to change your British Pound into American dollars, as the exchange rate we get here is not very good and you lose money in doing so. Sterling traveller’s cheques can be exchanged at hotels, banks and major department stores in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Saigon etc. You will need your passport available to do this. Sterling cash can also be exchanged at hotels and banks, although the exchange rate will not be as good as for traveller’s cheques. The exchange rate is the same everywhere, and commission free. Hotels, banks and major department stores will also accept most credit and debit cards, as will some restaurants.

Cash Machines (ATMs) can be easily found in big cities.

What sort of clothing should I take and do I need formal clothing for the evening or shows etc?

We advise to take comfortable walking shoes as most tours involve a lot of walking. Formal clothing is not required for evening meals, cruises or shows etc, but is the choice of the individual. Also the majority of temples are very relaxed with clothing, although many will require you to remove your shoes, so it is advisable to have shoes which can easily slip on and off.

What facilities do the hotels provide?

Most hotels will provide hair driers, laundry, ironing, tea and coffee making facilities. Most will also have in-room safes to store valuables. Worldwide travel adaptors can be obtained here in the UK in advance and will work in the Far East. Some hotels will also have these available upon request. All the hotels we use have en-suite bathrooms.

Are the hotels you use in the city centres?

Emperor Tours are one of the few tour operators who ensure all the hotels used are based in the city centres. When hotel standards are not acceptable in the centres or are fully booked, we will ensure you are as close as possible.

Are the area's we are visiting safe?

The Far East is a very safe place to visit. It is always advisable to keep your belongings safe (money, passports etc) from pickpockets and as with most destinations, there will be beggars and street traders. By being firm and polite however, they will not be aggressive towards you. Taxi’s are very cheap and safe and are always readily available to get you back to your accommodation.

Will sites still be open during public holidays?

The majority of sites will remain open during public holidays, sometimes for half a day only. These include the Chinese New Year, Tet holiday, National Day and Labour day etc.

What is a tour manager?

With every holiday booked through Emperor Tours, there will be guides to meet you at the airports and look after you throughout your stay in each city. With larger groups exceeding 10 or more persons, a tour manager will accompany the tour group throughout the entire journey whilst in China or Indochina. This person is responsible for overseeing the running of the tour and ensuring everything runs smoothly, as well as being your first point of contact should you need assistance.

How much should I tip?

Tipping is not compulsory but recommended to show your appreciation, as well as being an additional income for the guides and drivers. A suggested amount is the sterling equivalent of £4.50 per person per day for the guide and £4 per person per day for the driver. Please also do not forget the bellboys at hotels.

Why we stand out from the crowd

Our priority is customer satisfaction, and to achieve this we aim to give you a personalised service. You can be assured that when booking with us there will be no hidden costs. We do not cut-corners to save money, and all hotels and restaurants are of a high standard and quality. To us you are an individual, not just a number. Our staff have either lived or travelled in China and Indochina, creating and personally running tours, for over 20 years. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of people travelling to Asia is second to none.

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