Exploring Japan

Exploring Japan


Japan, with its unique culture and customs, shrines and temples, photo’s alone cannot grasp the architecture and breathtaking beauty and of course just how warm and welcoming the people are, they take the utmost pride in cleanliness and politeness.

Some of the most incredible must see sites are listed below:


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
Consisting of two buildings, the museum and The A-Bomb Dome, also known as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.
The museum displays the history of Hiroshima and the details surrounding the nuclear bomb.
The main focus is on the dropping of the bomb and the terrible aftermath that occurred. The details can be quite upsetting but they are there to remind us that no one should take peace for granted.
The A-Bomb Dome (aka Hiroshima Peace Memorial) is what remains of the former Industrial Promotion Hall. This building once served to promote Hiroshima’s industries. When the bomb exploded on the city, it was one of the few buildings to remain standing. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nijo Castle is one of the seventeen historic monuments of ancient Kyoto. Arguably the best surviving example of Japan’s feudal era. Built in 1603 it has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The castle was used as an imperial palace for a while before being donated to the city and opened up to the public as a historic visiting site.

The Golden Pavilion
Temple’s Golden Pavilion Kyoto’s most famous sight. Enveloped in incredible gold leaf, the pavilion enchants visitors as it glistens in the sunlight over the beautiful pond. The Zen gardens are a stunning and peaceful place, an absolute ‘must see’ for anyone visiting Kyoto.

Gion tour of the Geisha district
Gion is Kyoto’s most famous geisha district. Filled with shops, restaurants and traditional ochaya (teahouses) where geisha and geisha apprentices (majko) entertain.

Imperial Palace East Garden
Crafted from part of the original castle grounds, these stunning gardens allow you to get close and view the enormous stones used to build the castle walls, and you can even climb the ruins! Thankfully the number of visitors is limited at any one time so you get the enjoy the castles without ever feeling that its over crowded.

Our incredible ‘Explore Japan’ includes the above sites to see…for more information contact us here, and we are happy to help.

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