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Emperor Tours is one of the U.K's largest independent travel companies. They specialise in tours and travel arrangements for various East Asian destinations. Their experienced guides have developed a wealth of personal experience in each of the areas which Emperor Tours conducts their tours, and many guides are former residents. A guide who has a personal relationship with the place through which he or she is leading a tour allows the guide to take the group on an altogether more interesting and in-depth journey. He or she can share personal knowledge about interesting locations and landmarks while always being sure to have more than enough experience to expertly point out all the great sight-seeing opportunities.

Tours are conducted in a wide range of areas. Emperor Tour destinations include China, Vietnam, Indochina, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Nepal. For many of these locations, especially China, Emperor Tours can offer its customers a seasoned guide and a detailed plan for taking in all the beautiful things China has to offer. Group tours are available, which take a large group of Emperor Tour guests through a guided experience, or personalised tours can also be set up as well. These allow customers to have a high degree of control over how the tour is laid out and how their time is spent.

The Wonderful Intrigue of China

China is an incredible place to visit. It is the second largest country in the world and the most populous nation on Earth. Contained within its borders are over 9.6 million square kilometres of land, with incredible landscapes ranging from the most majestic mountain peaks to the most tranquil forested grasslands. This breathtaking land was the site of one of the world’s earliest civilisations, which sprouted up from the rich fertile soils around the basin of China's Yellow River. In their long history, the Chinese have left a stunning amount of historical artifacts in the forms of places and items still extant to this day. There is much to see in China, from some of the most gorgeous landscapes the world has to offer, to some of the most densely populated cities anywhere, to incredible journeys through the rich history of China.

Being themselves incredibly moved by the beauties of China's lands, its people, its history and its culture, Emperor Tours aims to give its customers a real look at the true wonders inherent in China. Their guided Group Tours take travellers to incredibly historical sites such as the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, or even to see the incredible Terracotta Warriors, Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s frozen and immortal statue army. For those looking for something of a nature holiday, tours to the stunning Gulin Karst Mountains are a wonderful chance to take in some breath taking nature scenery, as they immerse visitors within the beautifully forested hills and gorgeous caves of Karst. These are just a few of the hundreds of potential destinations that await in vast China.

Type of Tours

Depending on how long you wish to stay and what you wish to see, Emperor Tours offers a variety of different China tour packages so you can enjoy your ideal vacation.

Why we stand out from the crowd

Our priority is customer satisfaction, and to achieve this we aim to give you a personalised service. You can be assured that when booking with us there will be no hidden costs. We do not cut-corners to save money, and all hotels and restaurants are of a high standard and quality. To us you are an individual, not just a number. Our staff have either lived or travelled in China and Indochina, creating and personally running tours, for over 20 years. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of people travelling to Asia is second to none.

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