Asia for the Animal Lover

Asia for the animal lover ❤️

Whether it’s the Slow Loris, the Giant Panda or the Bengal Tiger calling you to Asia, it really is a bounty of extraordinary wildlife just waiting to be discovered!

India is where large populations of the Bengal tiger are found, others are in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. These countries have dry and wet deciduous forests, grassland and temperate forests, and mangrove forests all ideal habitats for this tiger, according to the WWF. An adult male Bengal tiger weighs up to 500 pounds and a female about 310 pounds, according to Tigers World. The Bengal tiger leads a solitary life. It’s unfortunately an endangered species with only around 2,500 left due to habitat loss. To catch a glimpse really is a once in a lifetime experience, an encounter like no other!

Our Explore Rajasthan Tour – 20 days from just £2,400 pp takes you to Ranthambore, a place to spot Tigers in all their splendour! On day 5 embark on a leisurely drive to Ranthambore, acclaimed as one of the best places in the world to photograph tigers in the wild. En-route to Ranthambore, you will make a brief stop to visit Fatehpur Sikri, the capital city of the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. Continue your drive to Ranthambore and upon arrival; check in at your hotel for 2 nights stay.

Then there is the Giant Panda… An omnivore, native to south-central China and a bear family member. The giant panda’s thick and woolly fur coat is black and white, and when fully mature it weighs up to 330 pounds. From the nose to rump its length is 1.5 meters, and has a 15 centimeter tail, according to National Geographic.  The giant panda leads a solitary lifestyle and avoids confrontation, except when cubs are threatened. The IUCN classifies the giant panda as an endangered species. There are about 1864 giant pandas left in the wild, according to the WWF 2014 census. Our days to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat may unfortunately be numbered.

Our China Explorer Tour – 20 days from just £3,750 pp takes you to visit the Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre. Experience a close encounter with the rare and cute panda bears. Afternoon continue to visit the Du Fu Thatched Cottage and Wu Hou Temple.

The slow loris is an interesting and unforgettable little fellow…. One of three loris species. It’s found in southern Asia, China, western Indonesia, parts of India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They love the tropical evergreen forests, secondary forests, and suburban gardens these places provide. The slow loris lives in hollowed out trees, tree crevices, and branches. Its eyes are big, round and owl like, they have a round head, with tiny ears obscured by fur.  The slow loris is nocturnal, and researchers believe it leads a solitary lifestyle only coming together to mate.

One of Asia’s main magnificent beasts is of course, the Elephant. The Asian elephant is the largest of the continent’s terrestrial mammals, but smaller than the African counterpart. The Indian, Sumatran, and Sri Lankan are the 3 subspecies of Asian Elephants. According to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), it can weigh up to 5 metric tons each, reach a length of 6.4 meters, and stand 3 meters at the shoulders. Its populations are spread in the Eastern Himalayas and Greater Mekong regions in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. These countries have tropical and subtropical, moist and dry broad-leaf forests suited to sustain the Asian elephant. The average lifespan of the Asian elephant is 60 according to National Geographic. According to the WWF there are only about 40,000 to 50,000 Asian elephants left.

Our Glimpses of Sri Lanka Tour – 8 days from just £1,625 pp takes you to visit Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, set up by the Sri Lankan government to rehabilitate orphaned elephants. Spend some time at the orphanage, seeing elephants being fed and bathed by the orphanage staff (Open from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m daily. Feeding times – 9.15 a.m., 1.15 p.m. 5.00 p.m. Bathing times – 10.00 a.m., 2.00 p.m., 4.00 p.m.).

Some of Asia’s animals are more elusive than others… The Clouded Leopard for example, not much is known about this magnificent animal, and they are pretty

endangered. They are known to live in places from the mountains in

Nepal to the Rain forests in Indonesia. These cats are amazing climbers,

they can hang upside-down off a branch! So it’s no surprise that they’d live

in places filled with trees and rocky ledges! Their legs are built for

climbing, they have rotating ankles for a smooth climb down, and short,

yet powerful hind legs, and a long tail to keep their balance. They’re kind of

like big squirrels.

Whichever bread or species of magnificent creature is calling you to visit Asia, call us and we will help create a tour around your preferences to ensure you have the trip of your life time!!!!

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