9 Tips for Going on China Tours with Children

A family holiday is intended to not only give you enjoyment, but also promote interaction and mutual understanding between you and your children. China tours are great for family holidays, because they are safe, fun, and packed with interesting and child-friendly activities to keep your kids entertained. Travelling with kids can sometimes challenge your patience, but knowing what to do and making the necessary arrangements can help to reduce the stress and enhance your enjoyment.

The following are some useful tips when planning a China trip with your family:

1. Involve your kids in identifying a suitable destination. Find pictures and other useful information that you can use to introduce the place to your children and see whether they are interested. You also need to consider the location, weather, time of year, safety, and hygiene.

2. Invest in a carrier or good umbrella stroller for small children… With a population of over one billion people, you should be wary of the traffic situation. There are many scooters, and Chinese drivers are not always careful. You will want a baby carrier for infants or umbrella stroller for toddlers to keep them restrained when you’re in busy parts of China.

3. Avoid travelling on Chinese holidays. You don’t want to risk travelling when the local population is also free to enjoy their country. As mentioned above, there are many people in China, and it’s possible that you’ll wait in long lines at tourist attractions for hours. The train stations also get congested, which can be very uncomfortable for children.

4. Make your schedule interesting and flexible. Children get bored and tired very easily, so you should consider preparing a relaxed and flexible itinerary. Include some kid-centric activities just for your kids so they will be more agreeable during the trip.

5. Prepare a medical kit. It is advisable to pack a few medical items for any small discomforts that arise. On the list are oral re-hydration salts, an anti-colic product, an anti-histamine for allergies, anti-itch cream, mosquito repellent, sun block for the children, and some medicines for nausea, headache, and stomach upset. Also disinfectant gel and wet wipes are ideal for keeping little hands clean.

6. Carry a copy of your child’s medical record. China is mostly safe and clean, and there are few chances of picking up a disease. But in the event that your child falls ill and needs to go to the hospital, information provided in the medical record can be useful in getting a proper diagnosis and treatment.

7. See your doctor before embarking on the trip. No vaccinations are necessary when travelling to China, except for those travelling near an area affected by Yellow Fever. When travelling with children, however, it may be important to take some precautions. Discuss the trip with your doctor, preferably six weeks before departing.

8. Take steps to prevent travel sickness. You should not let your children leave on an empty stomach, of course, but you should also keep them from eating fatty foods before getting on a plane or train, as this may trigger travel sickness. When travelling, try to get them access to fresh air, and try to engage their attention with some fun travelling activities.

9. Check for the latest information on policies that concern children. These include insurance visa and passport regulations. The China embassy or consulate will have the information you’re seeking. Most countries nowadays require children to have their own visa on their passports, and they also expire faster than for adults.

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