5 Romantic Cities to Visit on Your Honeymoon

Planning a wedding can be tedious, but it is also extremely exciting, especially when it is time to choose a honeymoon destination. Among the places that you consider, China should be one of your top picks. With a great China holiday tour operator, you can have a memorable journey of togetherness that combines China’s rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating culture with romance, to give you the most enjoyable time ever.

The following are some of the cities to visit on a China holiday honeymoon:

1. Beijing
China’s capital city, and one of the world’s great ancient capitals, should be your first stop. It has numerous places of scenic and architectural beauty, as well as historic interest, being home to the best remnants of China’s imperial past. There is a lot to see and experience during the day, and some trendy nightlife after dark.

2. Shanghai
Another famous Chinese city, Shanghai is the biggest and most prosperous city in China, oozing an atmosphere of energy and dynamism that rivals any of the world’s modern cities. Visitors to Shanghai mostly marvel in the city’s magnificent night scene, as the entire city is lit up by colourful lights when night descends. It becomes an even bigger spectacle when there is moonlight.

3. Hong Kong
This city is a blend of many cultures, where the remnants of Hong Kong’s colonial history and the British culture and values merge with the Chinese tradition. As a result you can find both Western-style churches and Confucian temples. Hong Kong is also a great shopping city, where you can find all the famous brands. The city’s modernity gives you access to numerous shopping malls, street markets, and boutiques, all of which are filled with ecstatic shoppers and visitors. When you’re done, there are many natural sites and accessible beaches for a great outdoor experience.

4. Yangshuo
Located to the south of Guilin City, Yangshuo is a globally recognised tourist destination, often associated with traditional Chinese architecture and customs, crystal clear rivers, lush vegetation, and limestone crags that have been immortalised in classical landscape paintings and poetry. Biking and hiking give you a great opportunity to take in the scenery, after which you can relax in the bars.

5. Wuzhen Water Town
One of China’s ancient water towns, Wuzhen is a fascinating place to take a romantic stroll. The long waterway extends to the flagstone streets and alleys, covering about 1000m, with many bridges, side alleys, ancient docks, and secondary waterways. There are many gift shops and restaurants on the street closest to the entrance, and multiple museums displaying blue flower printed fabric, clothes, and beds on the farthest street.

Before you set off for your romantic China holiday, you should consider booking an organised tour. You don’t have to visit all five cities, but most packages include at least one or two of these cities. Many tour providers even allow for custom packages so you can choose the places you want to visit. Travelling with other people does not make your honeymoon less intimate. On the contrary, you get to focus on your partner without the stress of finding the next sight, organising transportation, booking accommodation, or making dinner reservations. You also make friends as you have fun.

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